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Advanced analytics for insightful, actionable data

Understand participant’s end result (pass/fail), their total, partial and multidimensional score, as well as grade they received. All data are collected automatically, based on the settings of your choice.

See detailed test timeline, including start and end, duration as well as time for each question, minute by minute. Assess the strengths and needs of your respondents based on how fast they finished the test.

Assess your respondents by looking at their detailed score per question. Notice easily where they might be lacking.

Detailed information on how many times your respondents left the test tab and on which questions.

Provide your respondents with personalised feedback. It may include a review of their entire test or details of questions and answers. Let them understand where their strengths lie and where to improve.

Live data feed and progress tracking

Real-time respondent monitoring makes a huge difference. With the cutting-edge features of our online test maker, it is easy to translate data into well-judged actions.

Assessment overview and detailed results available in one place.

Enjoy convenient access to your test data. See all the scores, including partial scores and multidimensional, as well as grades, in a form of a results table. Filter and sort the data to see the most relevant first.

Next-generation insights and analytics

Advanced statistics available on Testportal are the key to understanding your respondents, their skill and knowledge as well as their needs.

See how many respondents received enough points to pass the test. Evaluate your group’s skill and knowledge level to decide on future actions.

Results available in the convenient form of a histogram to quickly understand their distribution, peak, spread and symmetry.

See the number of respondents who received each of the available grades for the assessment.

Average time per question lets you detect the most challenging questions. With this data, it is easy to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your group and individuals.

Average score per question allows you to observe where your respondents made the most mistakes. That, in turn, can point to questions that the participants found the most confusing.

See the percentage of respondents in your group who selected each of the answers provided for test questions.

Track the progress across many tests

Reach further than a single assessment. Analyze results for the same respondent or group across different tests to monitor their progress over time.

No data escapes your eye

Testportal offers as many as seven different kinds of test reports. Prepare online test and then easily export and archive your results outside our platform for management and other purposes.

Full measure of assessments success

Take advantage of our extensive insights & analytics to turn your assessment results into success stories.

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