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Practice quizzes

Increase the effectiveness of your remote learning by creating easily accessible quizzes for your students. The tests can also be solved on tablets or phones.


Homework in the form of a test will be a great learning experience for students, helping them learn faster and easier.

Tests and exams

Automatic grading makes it incredibly easy to grade hundreds of exams at once.


Online tests are the perfect tool for carrying out subject-specific competitions or math olympiads.

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What's in it for you?

Automatic scoring and grading

Online tests are checked automatically and you have more time for other important tasks.

Monitoring students' progress

With the use of advanced reporting, you can monitor your pupils' progress and growth. Primary and secondary school exams, leaving certificates and GCSE's won't be a problem to complete.

Modern approach

Online class tests and short tests will make your lessons and classes more attractive. Online knowledge checks will be innovative and something new for your students.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

If you are using Microsoft Teams, you may create, share and analyze your tests inside Teams app.

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Quick and hassle-free test creation

Revision questions can be repetitive. Check real knowledge of your students by using your own questions!

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