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But... I need time to create the test
Fair point, but you need to prepare job interview questions anyway.
You will spend only 10 minutes on adding questions to the application.
What if I lose good candidates?
Ask only basic questions and you will see that half of candidates are not suitable anyway.
Sometimes there are only a handful of candidates
Remember that if you choose to employ an incompetent person, it will cost you much more than spending more time on your search.

Online assessment in your recruitment process

Fewer job interviews

Our customers confirm that the use of tests in the recruitment process led to a 50% drop in the number of interviews needed.

Valuable candidates

Tests serve as an objective method of employee selection which assures equal treatment of all candidates. Thanks to this, you can be sure it is not the first impression that decides about employment.

Remote recruitment

Make the candidate experience smoother and verify candidates abilities online from anywhere in the world.

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You are the only person responsible for recruitment and candidate selection.
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You work in a team and more than one person deals with recruitment and candidate selection
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