Measure the effectivness of your trainings

Achieve constant quality improvement of your trainings and workshops

Comprehensive training assessment

Participant satisfaction survey

Assures general customer satisfaction
Highlights participants' remarks
Collects opinions and reviews

Online test before and after training

Objective analysis of trainings' group knowledge after training
Allows to select correct difficulty level and sets right training methods
Confirms (or not) the effectivness of the training/workshop

All of your surveys and tests can be conducted online with no limitations!

What's in it for you?

Client reports

Gain access to a comprehensive report of the training and make sure that your needs have been met. If you plan to conduct employee trainings, you will also receive training goals confirmations.

Employer Branding

Supervise the quality of your trainings and courses with your team. Building a trustworthy and professional employer brand is an important part of success.

Official training and workshop certificates

Generate training certificates for all participants to confirm their test results.

How to create tests for trainings?

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Your tests in the cloud
Our cloud application allows you to access it anywhere in the world

Create tests and surveys online - check if your trainings are effective!