About us

Briefly about who we are

Our solution

Due to the cloud nature of our solution, you can use our services from anywhere in the world.
Our mission of revolutionising how knowledge is being tested has allowed us to create many long-term relationships with our partners. Many businesses, educational entities and private users have already trusted us by using our platform.
We feel responsible for the quality of service our users get. In order to make sure that all of our test creators and test takers are satisfied with our platform, we always make sure to listen to your feedback and suggestions in order to improve everyday!

Our mission

In the era of automization, our mission is to delegate monotonous tasks and minimise the amount of time we spend on repetitive activities. Testportal strives to make our lives easier everyday.
We facilitate knowledge testing and learning through modern, easy-to-use technologies.

Company details

Testportal Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szewska 9, 66-110 Babimost
Poland, European Union
Tax ID: PL9731017273
PL18 1090 2503 0000 0001 4126 5294