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Meet Emily who would like to conduct a test

Up until now, Emily has been using standard paper tests to assess knowledge. However, she notices how burdensome paper examinations can be. One day Emily finds out about Testportal.

Emily creates online test

She quickly sets up the test and sends it to the examinees. The amount of tests she needs to correct is now insignificant as everything will be checked automatically.
Emily's online test

The respondents are delighted

The application allows them to take the test from anywhere in the world, it is time-saving and doesn't require travel to a test centre.

Emily cares about the reliability and accuracy of her test

Due to numerous test variants, she has made sure that the test gives reliable results. In order to make sure the exam is fair for everyone, she used the 'Honest respondent' feature and also introduced time limit in every question.
Reliable results

Emily waits for her results

Automatic scoring and grading of the test allowed Emily to focus on other important tasks.
Emily knows that she can feel safe as all of the data sent to the system is encrypted and no one else is authorized to use it.
Relaxed Emily

The result analysis has never been easier

Detailed statistics and insightful test results helped Emily see respondents' knowledge and abilities instantly. Thanks to the spreadsheet report containing all of the test data, Emily can also map out the results however she likes.
Statistics and reports

Emily now takes more pleasure from her work

Emily's job is much easier now as she does not have to check the tests manually. She has now found more time to concentrate on other topics. Emily is happy to recommend Testportal to her friends and relatives.
Emily is happy

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