Reliable results

The basic principles of reliable testing

Test sets

Creating test sets will help you limit recurring questions or exchange of information between respondents. By using a suitable number of questions, you can be sure that every test set will be unique.

Hiding correct answers

Thanks to this function, respondents will learn what the correct answers are. This protection combined with many test sets makes answers not obvious, even in the case of many attempts to complete the test.

Time limit

You can limit the amount of time granted for each answer or for the entire test. Correct time setting for each question ensures test reliability and smooth test progression.

Warnings and blocking

The application detects browser skipping or when new browsers are opened up. Every time a respondent tries to cheat on the test, they will be warned. When the warning limit is exceeded, test may be blocked.
The 'Honest Respondent' feature can be disabled. It is definitely unnecassary when conducting fun tests or pop quizes.

Respondents monitoring

Aside from the results chart generation, it is also possible to observe current progress of the respondents. It is very valuable information if you want to find out more about how respondents answer questions.

Tracking answer time

As a test administrator, you can also find out how long it took for each participant to answer individual questions. This also allows you to check the reliability of answers.

Browser window/tab activity monitoring

You can use the number of warnings displayed to analyze the reliability of results. If some tests are blocked, you will also receive information about the dishonest respondents.